Over $140,325,000 worth of homes purchased.

Over $140,325,000
worth of homes

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Sell Your House Quickly

Need to quickly sell your property?

Get a fair cash offer for your home and close in less than 14 days.

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Stewardship Properties gives you a unique opportunity to sell your home for cash quickly and on your timeframe.

No Fees. No Commissions. No Hassle.

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Our team will give you a call to discuss the nuances of your property and situation.

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Our team uses the condition of the property you described to make a sight unseen offer.

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Our team will handle all of the details, scheduling, and title work. Just show up and sign.

#4 Receive Closing Proceeds

Our team doesn't charge commissions or any fees. What you agree to is what you get!

Are you in an “unusual” Housing Situation?

Facing divorce? Job loss? Transfer? Can’t keep up with the payments?

Do you keep finding yourself saying, “I need to sell my house fast”?

The fact is that many times property owners find themselves in “unusual” situations with a house that they need to liquidate quickly.

In our 30 years of buying properties, we’ve bought houses that had peeling paint, doors falling off hinges, and even properties where had squatters had begun living in them. And, we’ve purchased hundreds of properties that were in great shape!

The point is that the condition of your house simply doesn’t matter. We can offer you a fair, market-based price for your house, and help you with your “problem property”.

Common Situations We Deal With

We Make Selling your Home

Simple & Fast

If you need to sell your home quickly, without the hassle of paying expensive realtor fees or closing costs, and you don’t want to have to deal with the months and months of waiting to see if you can find a buyer…

Then we will make you a fair-market, cash offer for your home. We can typically close in less than 14 days, and will never require you to do any repairs, touch-ups, renovations, or anything to the property. We’ll take it as is!

At Stewardship Properties, we are in the business of making the home-selling process simple, effortless, and easy for you.

Get Your Cash Offer Now!

More Cash. Less Hassle.

Tyler Weinrich
Kansas City, MO
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"One of the few companies in this world I can say I both trust and admire. Having gotten to know the owner, they are not your typical "out for highest profits by any means" company. They clearly care about the folks they work with and help. Always on point, up front, and transparent. Would recommend to anyone looking to sell a home! Thanks for all your help!"

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More than 30 years of experience in Real Estate.


We have purchased properties in over 80 Cities accross the US.


We currently own over $140 Million in property and growing.

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