Over $140,325,000 worth of homes purchased.

Over $140,325,000
worth of homes

Want To Invest With Us?

Get paid on time every month at a fixed 8-9% interest rate.

We secure private lender funds by collateralizing their money on our real estate purchases and paying a fixed return of 8 to 9% on their funds (rate depends on amount and situation).

This way, our lenders can double their money with us in as little as eight years.

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Personally Guaranteed

We personally guarantee our loans and have never missed a lender payment in 30 years.

Borrowed funds are backed up in a “first position deed of trust.” You are the property’s one and only lender and have a 75% LTV (loan-to-value). This means that if you were to lend us $100,000, we would match your loan to a property worth $125,000.

Your Investments are Protected

The 25% “cushion” protects you in the event that something dramatic happens. Ultimately, though, your protection comes from the property itself. If we ever stopped paying you (something that has never happened), you would be entitled to the property to sell or rent out.

Such an investment is referred to as TRUST DEED LENDING because the collateral given is a deed of trust on the property loaned against.

No Hidden Costs/Fees

There are no hidden fees or costs associated with trust deed lending, and our investments are backed by $30 million of personal equity.

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Why should you invest with us?

When you invest with Stewardship, you act as the bank and make us a loan. We pay you “mortgage” payments automatically from our account to yours the same day each month.

The benefits over the stock market are tremendous, especially since we send you a monthly fixed payment. In 30 years we’ve never missing a single payment, even during the Great Recession.

And you have NO liability regarding the property and never deal with tenants. Only the owners have liability and property management hassle. You will never have to deal with property maintenance issues, unruly tenants, or property taxes. Whatever takes place with the property makes no difference to you . You will still receive a steady stream of payments no matter what.

How investing with us works.

The best part of being a private lender with stewardship is that there aren’t ever any tenants, toilets, or drama to deal with. We handle all of the management, maintenance, and headaches. You simply get to be the bank.

Afterall, isn’t passive income what all investors are after?

#1 Contact Our Team

We will thoroughly explain the process, answer any questions you have, and see if we are a good fit for your needs.

#2 We Match You With A Cashflowing Asset

PLoans are usually in the range of $40-120,000 per property. You will receive a free lending packet like this example.

#3 Sign A 1st Position Collateralized Note

Not only are you in 1st position on a property with a max LTV of 75% we also sign personal guarantees. We haven't missed a payment in 30 years!

#4 Collect Your Monthly Interest Payments

Your monthly interest payments will automatically be sent via ACH to the account of your choice. Simply relax and enjoy the cashflow.

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We currently have $20M+ in private funding entrusted to our company.

Each investors’ funds are treated with great care and used exclusively to acquire cash flowing assets at discounted prices across the country.

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