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Why Stewardship Properties?

We named our company “stewardship” because our mission is to put people before profits and to carefully steward the resources with which we've been entrusted.

We Believe Everyone Should Win

A Win For Property Sellers

We provide a fast, hassle-free cash purchase for properties with zero drama.

A Win For The Community

Stewardship is a “buy and hold” real estate company that looks for properties (including distressed ones) that we can upgrade into high-quality affordable housing for the communities and residents we serve.

A Win For Our Lenders

We use private lenders so we always have an ongoing source of funds to close quickly with sellers. For this benefit, we pay them well.

Bill, front of office
Bill, front of office

Our Story

Stewardship Properties began in 1989.

We purchased our first home in Eugene, Oregon. Our first “rental office” was a greasy little table at Wendy’s near the University of Oregon. (Thanks Wendy’s!)

Since then, we've grown into a national presence with nearly 1,000 properties, and 15 partners in seven states.

Even when the business consisted of just one property, the hope was to build a company that was more than just about making money. The name stewardship comes from the perspective that we are all “just passing through this life.” Good stewards  are those who carefully and responsibly manage what has been entrusted to them.

Our mission is to live up to our namesake by creating winning opportunities for each stakeholder: sellers, residents, lenders, and us.

Meet the Team


Bill Syrios

Chief Stewardship Officer
started Stewardship in 1989. He says it’s been a great joy in his life to see it grow from a “one-house operation” to something larger and to help develop the team of partners, staff and investors who has made Stewardship into the strong company it is today.

Luke Teson

Saint Louis Partner
has been with Stewardship for a little over a year and is an expert in creative real estate transactions. His free time is spent with his family.
Andrew Syrios

Andrew Syrios

Missouri Property Partner
is Bill’s second son. He became involved in real estate while going to college in 2005. In January of 2011 Andrew relocated to Kansas City from Eugene to start our real estate investment operation there. Andrew is a well-known BiggerPockets contributor and has a CCIM accreditation.
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Phillip Syrios

Missouri Property Partner
is Bill’s third son. Like his brother, Phillip made the trek from Eugene to Kansas City and join Andrew, in September of 2011. While Andrew has focused primarily on acquisition and financing, Phillip has acted as the business executive and overseen property management there.

Greg Whiteley

Texas Property Partner
has been partnering with Bill since 1994, first in Eugene and then Dallas beginning in 2011. Greg currently lives in Austin and oversees Stewardship’s Texas branch which includes everything from single family to multifamily properties.

Kyle Long & Jessica Morelock

Kansas Property Partner
are Bill’s nephew and niece. Kyle left a job as a electrician at Kansas’ only nuclear power plant to pursue real estate full-time. His primary focus is on purchasing and rehab. Jessica keeps it all organized and moving ahead.

Ryan Dossey

Indiana Property Partner
is Stewardship’s marketing guru and owns a number of marketing businesses including CallPorter.com, a live answering service for real estate investors. He and Bill are partners in Indy, and with Kevin in Louisville and Luke in St. Louis.

Jim Lerman

Portland Property Partner
and Bill started working together in 2016 with a focus on purchasing judicial foreclosures, a niche market. Jim, along with his wife, Sheree, has extensive real estate investment experience and are brokers as well.
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Kevin Kern

Louisville Property Partner
began working with Bill and Ryan in 2017. Having a professional background in public accounting and corporate sales, Kevin uses both his analytical and rapport building skills to research and scout out ideal real estate investment properties. He is an expert in finding mutually benficial solutions to complex property problems.

Sell Your Home Without the Hassle

Stewardship makes the home-buying process simple by
giving you cash for your home as it sits.