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Over $140,325,000
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The Complete Guide to Marketing Homes for Sale: Everything to Know


marketing homes for sale

Are you struggling to attract buyers to your real estate listing? About 50% of buyers find their homes online. In fact, buyers spend an average of 10 weeks searching for a home.

With an effective home marketing strategy, you can reach potential buyers. You can attract them to your listing and start scheduling more tours, too.

Here are nine tips you can use when marketing homes for sale. Using these tips can help your listing stand out online. You could even boost your home’s perceived value in the process.

Without a plan, however, you could waste valuable time trying to reach buyers in your area. Other listings might sell before you schedule a single tour.

Don’t let that happen. Instead, discover how to attract more potential home buyers to your listing! Set your home marketing strategy up for success with these nine simple tips today.

1. Take High-Quality Photos

Start your home marketing strategy off on the right foot by taking high-quality, eye-catching photos of your home. Otherwise, low-quality images could scare away potential home buyers.

Think about the first impression your home makes with a potential buyer. If they’re not impressed, they won’t schedule an in-person tour. Instead, they’ll turn their attention to other listings in the area.

Instead, make a strong, positive first impression by making a few small changes throughout your home.

First, consider your home’s curb appeal. Chances are your home’s exterior is the first thing people will see. If your curb appeal isn’t appealing, potential buyers will turn away.

Instead, you can update your curb appeal by:

  • Repainting your home’s exterior
  • Replacing an old, worn front door
  • Replacing old vinyl siding
  • Making necessary renovations and repairs

Consider your landscaping, too. Make sure your lawn is neat and freshly cut. You can add new flower beds as well.

Otherwise, consider pressure washing the front walk and driveway.

Look for any changes you can make inside your home before taking photos, too. For example, you might want to install new hardware, including new doorknobs and drawer handles.

Take a step into your kitchen and look for areas that need improvements. You can install new, granite countertops or add stainless steel features.

Here are a few ways you can set your home apart to sell easier, too.

If you don’t want to make updates throughout your home, that’s okay. Instead, give your home a fresh coat of paint.

Then, hire an experienced, professional photographer who can take photos of your home. They’ll understand how to capture your property in the best light.

These photos can benefit the rest of your home marketing strategy.

2. Use Virtual Staging

Potential home buyers want to imagine themselves in your living space. When marketing homes online, consider using virtual staging. Virtual staging is a cheaper, effective alternative to on-site staging.

You can arrange furniture, add photos to the walls, or design the entire home as you see fit. When staging your home, make sure to consider your target audience. Design each room to appeal to their needs and interests.

Virtual staging can save you valuable time and money, too. You can make adjustments for each potential buyer to attract them to your listing.

3. Create 3D Tours

In addition to virtual staging, consider adding 3D virtual tours to your home marketing strategy as well. 3D tours can help you determine which buyers have a serious interest in your listing.

After viewing the 3D tour, a potential buyer might decide to contact you to schedule a tour in person.

You can get started by using high-quality photos of your home. Then, stitch the photos together to create an engaging interactive tour. Potential buyers can explore each room without stepping foot inside.

Make sure you’re using high-quality images. Otherwise, low-quality photos might fail to bring the beauty of the property to life.

When gathering photos of your home to create 3D tours, don’t neglect proper lighting. Make sure to get photos from different angles in each room, too.

Consider the different areas a buyer would explore while inside the property. Think about the areas they would want to zoom in on as well.

Make sure to stage your home before you gather footage for your tours, too. Avoid clutter and personal objects.

Then, create a stunning visual representation of your home to keep buyers interested and engaged.

4. Update Your Website

Create a dedicated landing page to show off your property and help people learn more about the listing. You can feature photo and video content on your blog, too.

As you begin updating your website or online listing, consider your target audience. What type of buyer are you trying to attract when marketing homes for sale?

First-time buyers make up over 30% of the market. Make sure you’re speaking to your audience directly when adding text across your website. You’ll have an easier time appealing to their interests as a result.

5. Gather Drone Aerial Footage

If a 3D tour isn’t enough to attract potential buyers, consider gathering drone aerial footage. Drone footage can help potential buyers get a look around the area.

Consider waiting until sunrise or sunset. You can add a warm, dramatic effect to your drone videos.

Highlight the best parts of the property. For example, you might want to show off a beautiful garden or glittering pool.

Think about nearby amenities you can feature, such as a nearby golf course or shopping center, too.

6. Use SEO

Nearly 70% of all activities online start on a search engine. In fact, 51% of all website traffic starts with a search. About 75% of people never look beyond the first page of results, though.

You can help more potential home buyers find your listings and video content by using search engine optimization (SEO). SEO marketing tactics will help you rank higher on search engine result pages. Higher rankings will help potential buyers see your content before anyone else’s.

Improving your search engine rankings could help you generate awareness toward your listing. It can also help you generate high-quality website traffic.

If a traditional listing isn’t working for you, here are a few other ways you can sell your home.

You can focus on buyers who have an interest in types of homes like yours. When they search for keywords that relate to your property, your listing could appear.

You can start optimizing your content for SEO by gathering keyword research. Determine what keywords your target audience uses during an online search. Then, create content with their search queries in mind.

You can also optimize your existing content for relevant keywords.

Try to improve your rankings for a list of different keywords to appear for a range of different search queries.

7. Add a Chatbot

Consider adding a chatbot to your website to improve the user experience. A chatbot can help visitors gain direct access to the information they need. Chatbots can also help you generate more leads or book more in-person tours.

8. Stay Social

When marketing homes online, don’t forget to stay social! Determine which social media platforms your target audience uses daily. For example, if you’re targeting older buyers, spend more time marketing on Facebook.

If you’re targeting millennials, consider using Instagram when marketing homes for sale instead.

Social media marketing can also expand your reach online. It can also help you direct more potential home buyers to your listing.

Share the content you’ve already created by reformatting it for social media. Then, link the social media post to your website. For example, you can show a preview of your virtual home tour.

Then, add a link that sends viewers to the full tour on your website. Directing them to your website will encourage them to learn more about the property.

Add a strong call to action to your social media posts, too. For example, you can encourage them to direct message you for an in-person tour.

9. Use PPC

You can also appear in front of more potential home buyers by using pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. These digital ads can appear on social media platforms or Google search pages. You can create digital text or display ads when marketing homes for sale.

Consider using display ads to show off the stunning, professional photos of your home.

Add a strong call to action to each ad compelling potential home buyers to schedule a tour. You can use HTML-5 ads to add clickable buttons to your display advertisements. Then, buyers can visit your website or listing to learn more about the property.

PPC ads can help you generate more website traffic.

When using PPC advertising, make sure to consider your target audience. For example, you can ensure ads only appear in front of buyers with a specific location radius. You can focus on people who meet a certain household income, too.

Precise targeting will help you make the most of your budget.

With PPC ads, you’ll pay each time someone views or clicks on an ad. Precise targeting can help you improve your ROI. Otherwise, you’ll run through your ad budget before you get the chance to reach buyers online.

Marketing Homes for Sale: 9 Effective Tips for Attracting New Buyers

Marketing homes for sale shouldn’t feel stressful. Instead, use these nine effective tips and start attracting new buyers. With these tips, you can help your listing stand out online.

Then, you can attract and engage potential home buyers before scheduling a tour in person.

You don’t have to work through the process of marketing your home alone. Instead, consider a new, stress-free way to sell your home without hassle.

Contact us today to learn more!

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